Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's started. Another place for the useless rambling of a fool

I don't know why I started this blog. Ego? Vanity? Creating another place on the net where no one will read what I think?

A little of all of those things. Also, when I post on Facebook there are actual people reading my meaningless bullshit. When I post a "tweet" or blog here, nobody knows so I can spout my opinion without recourse. This blog (for now) is a tree falling in the woods with no one around. It is liberating to talk when you think no one is listening. You feel that you can be honest, candid, and embarrass yourself without repercussions.

As time goes on, I may actually have something witty or insightful to say. For now I will try to not blather on. And, to anyone who dares read/follow my blog: feel free to start shit with me, incite an argument/discussion, challenge my opinions, or just generally stir shit up. I welcome any and all input. I am not easily insulted, and as much as you could give a crap about my opinion, I probably feel as uninterested in yours...but truthfully welcome debate.

OK. Enough to start. Let me post this and link on FB. Wish me luck and welcome to my nightmare.

BJ aka thetypeman

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